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cng vehicles pros and cons

cng vehicles pros and cons

16 oct. 2018 - Both are fuel-efficient vehicles that burn low-emissions fuel that's better for the environment than petroleum-based fuels. They aren't expensive to build and don't pose any danger greater than that of traditional gasoline vehicles. Here are the pros of driving a CNG car. The fuel's cheap. 31 oct. 2012 - Just like when driving with a car using gasoline, there are pros and cons to driving natural gas vehicles. Although the greenhouse gas emissions emitted by a natural gas vehicle is less than that of a gasoline vehicle, natural gas—or CNG as it is known—is still a fossil fuel and therefore a non-renewable resource. This article provides the major advantages and disadvantages of using cars that run or operate on natural gas or CNG. 18 dic. 2012 - Cars running on natural gas are still rare in the U.S. Find out what's good and bad about them. convert their current vehicle to natural gas, then CNG is certainly the way to go. . The Pros: It is a fact that vehicles converted to CNG are far more cost effective . Consumer Reports look at the pros and cons of buying a natural gas powered car. For petrol cars, CNG can be a better option to save almost 75% of operational cost of Fuel. You need to take care of some basic points for eg, 1. Make sure after . 20 dic. 2010 - A Yes, I did, and dozens who own vehicles that run on compressed natural gas responded with the pros and cons, so here we go. Q We have . 1 sep. 2016 - Natural gas vehicles have been getting a lot of attention, but do you understand what all the fuss is about? We uncover the pros and cons for .

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